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Acupuncture Energy Pen

Acupuncture Energy Pen

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Acupuncture is a therapeutic art that helps millions of people every year to eliminate stress. It can also reduce muscle and joint pain.

This electronic acupuncture pen allows you to enjoy acupuncture sessions at home and without needles.

  • Effective on all parts on the body

Stress, muscle pain, joint pain, temporary fatigue, headache, back pain, etc.... Or if you simply want unlimited massages, our acupuncture pen will be the best companion throughout your day. It comes with three different heads for the best results on different parts of the body.

  • Improves your health

Frequent use of the pen eliminates all stress and anxiety, reduces chronic pain, stimulates your facial and body muscles and provides the greatest benefit from acupuncture, it brings you in harmony with the world around you for a healthier life!

  • No needles and no pain

Acupuncture sessions can be difficult to enjoy due to all the needles. With the pen there are no needles and you won't feel any pain.

  • Easy to use

It is powered only by an AA battery. Once switched on, all you need to do is adjust its power (0 : lower - 9 : higher) using the start button.

  • No side-effects

Its electrical pulse system is safe and does not cause any side effects.

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